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Grants & Scholarships

Our employee grant and scholarship program is one of the most exciting aspects of McBee’s. We offer scholarships to our team members who are currently in school and want to further their education while working for McBee’s Coffee N Carwash.

Giving Back

Grant & Scholarship Program

One of the most exciting aspects of McBee’s is our employee grant & scholarship program. For our team members currently in school or those looking to advance their education, we offer scholarships of up to $5,000 annually for hitting certain performance standards while working for McBee’s Coffee N Carwash. These standards are evaluated based on the following criteria and are rated on a scale of 1-10 from the General & Assistant Managers:

Attitude & Effort

Work performance

GPA (for those team members still in school)

Work attendance


Preparing the future Generation

Opportunity for advancement

We want to reward our team members who go above and beyond within our organization, and we want to advance their careers, whether that’s within the McBee’s Coffee N Carwash organization or elsewhere. We reward hard work and effort with our scholarships for continuing education, providing a stepping-stone opportunity for ALL our team members.

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