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Partnering with Non-Profits, we have sourced our coffee through Brace for Impact, a 501C3 dedicated to helping children in the country of Haiti.

Basic Coffee Menu

Light Roast (hot or Iced)
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White Sugar
Brown Sugar
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Half & Half (Creamer)
Cinnamon Powder
Exra Express Shot (extra $)
Whipped Cream (extra $)
Cold Foam (extra $)

Coffee for a cause

Brew For Impact

Partnering up with a nonprofit organization and some friends from the St. Louis Cardinals, we have sourced our coffee through Brace for Impact, a 501C3 dedicated to helping children in the country of Haiti. This coffee, grown and sourced out of Haiti, not only provides stable jobs to the locals, but the proceeds also allow children to attend a public school community. For every 24 oz of coffee beans used from this program, a child is able to attend school for a month. With our projected coffee usage, we will be able to keep over 100 kids in Haiti attending school year-round – a true win/win in every way!

Giving back to the community

Our Haiti Mission

Contrary to what most will say, creating a for-profit business and giving back to communities that need the help aren’t mutually exclusive ventures. At McBee’s Coffee N Carwash, we wanted to use our purchasing power to make a difference.

In our months-long search, we came across Brace for Impact 46, a 501(c)(3) created by former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan, a long-time friend of ours. After visiting with Kyle and finding out what his organization does, we knew we were on to something great.

Brew For Impact

Brace for Impact

Brace for Impact 46 has created a self-sustained community in Haiti—one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the entire world—that includes a school, hospital, children’s orphanage, vocational tech program, and so much more.

Through Kyle’s work, over 200 children attend a high-quality, well-structured school where nutrient-dense meals are provided daily.

Education is key to changing generations of poverty in countries such as Haiti, and Brace for Impact 46 does an incredible job at giving this next generation the opportunity to live better lives.

Kyle and his team have now launched a new program called Brew for Impact, where Haitian coffee is grown, harvested and packaged by local Haitian workers, then sold across the US. ALL profits from this program are used to send more Haitian children to the community school that Brace for Impact 46 has built. With just 24 bags of coffee sold, the funding is enough to take care of the expenses for one child to attend school for an entire year.

We’re giving back

Get Involved & Make a Difference

After visiting Haiti and seeing what Brace for Impact 46 has cultivated and created, we were 100% on board.

We’re excited to announce that ALL McBee’s Coffee N Carwash coffee will be procured through the Brew for Impact program. It’s our hope and goal that by the end of calendar year 1, we’ll be able to support and fund over 50 kids going to school full-time.

For more information on the Brace for Impact 46 or Brew for Impact program, please visit:

Every time you buy coffee at McBee’s, you’re making an IMPACT for these kids. Now THAT’S a mission we stand behind.